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jcrzry I heard this and immediately decided that I needed a physical copy. Favorite track: Preoccupied.
Cody Cox
Cody Cox thumbnail
Cody Cox That ting you hear after the chorus near the end is phenomenal. I love the layers of depth the drums create. Its very hard to pull off. Save Face is not just a bland pop band. Favorite track: Backseat.
Brad Kearsley
Brad Kearsley thumbnail
Brad Kearsley Heard this just once and bought it immediately. What a great album and a unique sound. I LOVE IT Favorite track: Backseat.
letzgetzesty thumbnail
letzgetzesty absolute gold...favourite track has had me dancing all day Favorite track: Ditched.
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****Now available on 12" vinyl w/ Folly: On The Rocks*****
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Over the past two years, New Jersey Rock band Save Face has been all over the map - literally. They seem to have some sort of disease where the only treatment to is be on the road playing shows every day, as evidenced by their incredibly ambitious tour schedule; embarking on two Full US tours just six short months apart from one another. While they’ve been all over the place geographically, sonically they’ve been more centralized and focused than ever as they hone in tremendously on their distinct sound with their latest EP, "Folly".

On "Folly", Save Face takes their art to the pinnacle of the bands current evolution by mixing in smart, ripping leads with intense vocal hooks that demand your attention. Akin to New Jersey scene godfathers Save The Day, Save Face takes on personal examination to another level, as singer Tyler Povanda explains “Folly is meant to personify the way in which we derive our self-worth from anything but one’s self. These songs are an examination of a breakdown in communication, both internally and externally.”

"Folly" is out now on 12”/CD/Digital via Take This To Heart Records in conjunction with Backpack Records and Open Door Records. Given their constant need to be on the road, you can expect them in your area once every 3 to 5 months.


released July 8, 2016

Engineering by Mike Oettinger
Vocal Engineering by Tyler Povanda
Mixing and Mastering by Jesse Cannon

Guest vocal on "Preoccupied” by Jonny Mays

Thanks to Jesse & Mike, Angie, Take This To Heart Records, Open Door Records, Backpack Records, Mayflower Collective, More Than Me Touring, A Will Away, Casey Bolles, Gin War, and an endless amount of more people who have helped us or showed us kindness in any way.


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Track Name: Preoccupied
Were you bored, or just preoccupied with the important things in your life? Why can’t I ever find myself on the better half of your mind? Were you bored, or just preoccupied? Can you spell it out for me? So I don’t get confused by what you mean. Cause what you say is a completely different thing.
Well each time you ask, it’s like swallowing glass. Every time you ask, oh god, I hope it’s the last. Do you enjoy watching me pull the words through my teeth? When you ask me if things would be better if you’d just leave?
Were you bored, or just preoccupied with the important things in your life. Please remind me where the line is between unhappy and unhealthy. Can’t you do anything for me? Can’t you help me?
Track Name: Ditched
Twitch a little longer, ‘til you start to seize. I’ll pick at this wound; it’s starting to bleed. “Ditched”. That’s how I described it when you fled the scene. Physically, but most of all mentally.

And I know already that this is how it’s going to be. And you know I won’t say a thing. But you made it perfectly clear that it doesn’t really matter to you. Well it matters to me.

You can take it back, but I’m still not taking you back. You can take it back, but I’ll still be fucked up. And I know you’ve taken everything you wanted from me. And you know you won’t be giving me back anything any time soon. Cause nothing really matters to you the way that it matters to me.
Track Name: Brain
I don’t know a damn thing that goes through your head. No, not anymore. Not ever again. It must have been something I said, while you tore away at what’s left of the paint on your bedroom door. So I’ll tear away at the pain that I try to ignore day after day. You sure do know how to push me away.
And if I went to start all over, would it even make a difference in your brain? Tell me you can’t just start all over. When you made up your mind, you did so permanently.
Track Name: Overdue
“Sorry I don’t love you.” A phrase I’ve grown accustomed to. Cause with you, if something isn’t wrong (something isn’t wrong) then something isn’t right.

I wish you could be happy. They sell smiles by the bottle at the pharmacy. Why’s it seem like everybody knows, everyone but you? I think you’re overdue, how about you?

Did it hurt when your head hit the ground? Could you even make a sound? Cause I wouldn’t even know since we don’t even talk. I don’t even know if that’s something you want. I think we’re overdue, how about you?

You don’t even speak to me. Maybe if I cut off all my hair you would forget how much you hate my face, and maybe I could forget about you.

Maybe if you cut off all your hair you would forget how much you hate yourself.
Track Name: Backseat
Misery, oh, won’t you keep me company, oh please? I know you hate the way I drag my feet.

Why does this conversation always seem to take the backseat? Why does the littlest confrontation always seem to make you angry? You make me wish I was somebody else.

Inconsistent chemicals have brought me to my knees. You know you love to walk away, I hate to watch you leave.

Why does this hesitation feel so heavy? And why’s it seem like every time I go to take my prescription it’s always empty? You make me wish I was someone else. Why does this conversation always seem to take the backseat?

You love to walk away; I hate to watch you leave. You love to walk away; I hate to watch you walk away.
Track Name: Folly
Can you help me? Is there anyway to make this short and sweet? How many days does it take before the tragedy you’re waiting for finds your address and meets you at your front door?

I ain’t gonna stay just because I think I have to. Is that what you want?

Can you help me? Is it folly to think you would? How many days will it take before your patience wanes and hits the floor, before you forget my name? I aint gonna stay just because you say you want me to. Is that what you want?

How many times will you ask me to hold on until you find me cold on the bathroom floor? Is that what you want?

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