I Won't Let This Take My Life

by Save Face

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Save Face is:
Tyler Povanda - Vocals
Tyler Cranden – Guitar/Vocals
Shane Dermanjian - Guitar
Chris Hranj – Bass/Vocals
Chris Flannery - Drums


released 11 March 2014

Artwork by Jess Tirone www.facebook.com/artbyjesster
Design and Concepts by Jess Tirone and Save Face

Recording by Tyler Povanda @ Gumbi Studios. Additional Recording and Engineering by Mike Oettinger @ Cannon Found Soundation. Mixed & Mastered by Jesse Cannon @ Cannon Found Soundation.

We'd like to thank our families, Jesse & Mike, Jess, Cub Rat, the almighty Stampfl brothers, Ang, Rob, Dana, Clayton, New Res Hall, the chapel, and our barber Scissor Mance. We'd also like to thank On Your Marks, Cross Town Train, North Runner, Batten Down The Hatches, Coming Clean (RIP), BRIGHTENER, One Fell Swoop, Random Holiday, and the Mayflower Collective.

A special thank you to every band that has let us borrow gear, every photographer who has taken photos during our set, and every single person who has given our music a chance. This is for you.



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Save Face Trenton, New Jersey

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Track Name: Debt
We’re sold on what we’re told.
That you need to give up and forget on all this time you’ve spent on what you thought you were meant to do. Let everybody else decide what’s best for you.

So tell me what holds more weight. The cash in your pocket, or the life you threw away? Nowhere to run, no way to change.

We owe it to ourselves not to give up and forget. But hardly anybody pays off that debt.

Can’t escape regret, it’s crawling down your neck.

Give up and forget, just give up and forget. Get used to regret, get used to your debt.
You should listen to what they say. You’ve got to trade it all for pay. It’s fucking suicide to live that way.
Track Name: Teeth In The Floor
Make tight and sever. Think that you’re clever.
But everyone sees through your useless endeavors.
You always act like you don’t remember.
It’s my fault for thinking that you would know better.

Spare no detail or false assumption.
Tell me I’m wrong; tell me what I’ve become.
And please tell me about that taste in your mouth that you get when you lie while you look at me dead in the eye.

Hide behind your sense of pride.
A constant reminder of what really matters.
Stuck inside your narrow mind,
just throw me away like I don’t even matter.

You use your same old excuse again and again like a crutch.
You can’t hide your grudge, but things start to change when it’s convenient for you.
You’re a loss I can’t cut. You’re a hate that I love.
On the back of my mind and the tip of my tongue.
Beautifully toxic and violently numb.
This addiction you've created is out of control.
Now it’s devoured you whole.
It's clear to me: I am the host and you are the parasite.
But now I'm taking it back.
I’m taking back what’s mine.
Track Name: Clockwork
I got a lot of spite, and it comes from the bottle that I fill with my guilt to avoid getting hostile.
Still got what’s left of my heart; this comes from the bottom.
Don’t got a lot of spine, which is why it’s hard to say what’s on my mind when we’re so far apart. It’s not getting easier.

The clock still stares at me. Its hands still strangle me.
But I’ll just bottle this up for another week.
Forget all about it. Forget about me.

When you’re surrounded by vipers you become more observant.
It’s easy to get lost in the eyes of a serpent.
I’ll watch the venom drip from your upper lip, and down your throat.

I’ll just bottle this up and forget all about it.

The clock still stares at me. Its hands still strangle me.
Your eyes still stare me. They’re fucking killing me.
Track Name: Flora
Forever hung up on everything that I’m not.

Falling short has become my specialty.
But that won’t define me.
Stretch me over like your canvas.
I’ll paint myself some clearer skies.
I won’t let this take my life.

Hollow me out. Empty my insides.
I won’t feel at thing.

I am enough.
Track Name: All Skin, No Bones
The thing that keeps you sound asleep is exactly what keeps me up at night.
There’s something in your closet. Too afraid to look, afraid of what you’ll find.

Keep saying whatever you need to say to stay sane.
But when the same old dose just isn’t enough you’ll need a new drug to feel the same.
I’m constantly dwelling on those second thoughts, the things I lack.
Tired of feeling worthless. Just another grain of sand in the hourglass.

You’ll watch me slip right through the cracks.
(New pain, old wounds)
I’ll watch you stab yourself in the back.
(All skin, no bones)
Torture me like a nightmare.
I’ll tell myself it’s gonna be alright.
What keeps you sound asleep keeps me at night.

I’m flawed, obsessive, and self-engrossed. At least the life I live is a life I chose.
I can’t just slave away digging out my grave.

What keeps you sound asleep keeps me up at night.
There’s something in your closet. Too afraid to look, afraid of what you’ll find.